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Our Story

Owning a house is a life project. It involves dreams, desires, memories. It is something that we aim for from the very beginning of our adult life, and it involves a lot of energy, anxiety, and planning. And when the time comes, all we want is for this search to be pleasant, easy, peaceful. And this is how we thought it would be, when we decided to leave the Capital and return to the countryside of São Paulo.


However, the scenario was different. 

In different time slots, we are often faced with confusing websites and platforms, with outdated and even incorrect information about the properties.


Other times, opting for the realtors' service, the feeling was that they did not listen to what we wanted, because they usually offered us options that had nothing to do with what we were looking for. 


And, despite the effort to explain details and justify the need for a property with certain characteristics, the fact that real estate agents work with properties that are already registered means that the realtor is tied to only those options, focusing on presenting his products and not on the client's needs. .

Dissatisfied, probably as many have felt, we personally plunged into the search for the property we wanted to own. After much exhaustion, searching through all the options in the countryside and coast of São Paulo, visiting houses in gated communities and checking information, we finally found it.


That's when it clicked: why not get together, conciliating our professional and personal trajectory, to bring to the real estate market a new way of looking for a property?

By focusing on the customer, it is possible to make the search for real estate much simpler and more assertive.


Living in the countryside of São Paulo and with the intention of inspiring a new lifestyle, different from the big cities, our purpose is also to bring people closer to nature, so they can enjoy every moment of their lives with more intensity.


This is how MIIRA was born, with a focus on the client and curating high standard properties, with a broad service throughout the countryside and coast of the State of São Paulo. 


Do you want to live in the right house for you?


image of founder Flávia da Miira

Flavia Costa

An engineer from Escola de Engenharia Mauá and specialist in Organizational Marketing from Unicamp, she worked for many years in large industries, both in the Research and Development and Commercial areas.


Always attentive to news and market behavior, she created and managed two companies of her own related to the curation of specialized products for online sales. At the same time, she felt the need to understand more about other business opportunities and started integrating activities in real estate.

Aiming to analyze the internal workings of this business branch, she started to work in the real estate market and, observing the mismatch that existed between the supply of real estate, the service provided by real estate agencies, and the clients' needs; because of this, she decided to combine all her previously acquire commercial and research and development experience to make the traditional search and purchase of real estate more assertive and as painless as possible.

image of founder Mariana da Miira

Mariana Motta

A lawyer graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo and post-graduated from the University of Coimbra, she worked for more than 15 years in a renowned law firm in São Paulo.

In the daily routine of legal cases, she has always worked on improving her ability to listen to people, their needs and difficulties, and then seek legal solutions to meet these demands.


Connected to trends and easily able to research and seek solutions, she has always been the "curator" of family and friends for various issues.


Decided to expand her horizons and leave the city of São Paulo to live a new phase of life with her family, she decided to move and once again faced the difficult task of finding a property. She ended up doing what she thought realtors should have done for her! 

Happy in her new house, she realized that she could combine her skills and knowledge to perform the same curatorship, in a professional way, to help other people looking for a property, besides being able to take care of all the legal aspects that are part of the buying process.

Nossa equipe dipões de profissionais internos e parceiros tanto para acompanhamento jurídico na compra do seu imóvel, quanto para auxiliar com decoração, reforma e construção

Our team has in-house professionals and partners, both for legal support in the purchase of your property, and to assist with decoration, remodeling and construction.

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