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You can change your lifestyle and have your property in the countryside or the coastal area of São Paulo

Curator of high-standard properties in the countryside and coastline of SP

Curating in Real Estate

With personalized service and luxury curation, the experience of finding your property will become simple, pleasant and agile. For this, we take care of all stages: from the curatorship to the purchase and delivery of the keys. 

Customized Research

Based on what you consider essential for your lifestyle, we make a tailored search for properties in high-standart condominiums in any city in the countryside and coastline of São Paulo, without you having to contact several local real estate agencies, search directly on the internet, and make unnecessary visits.

“Our gaze is first turned inward, to what each client needs, and only then do we look outward, starting the search for the properties that can meet the peculiarities of each one."

Want to change your lifestyle and buy your house in the countryside or coast of São Paulo?

A Miira surgiu a partir da ideia de reformular completamente a maneira que conhecemos de procurar imoveis

MIIRA came about from the idea of completely overhauling the way we know how to search for real estate.


Understand the Step by Step



  • Tailor-made search in any city in the countryside and coast of SP.

  • Curating properties in high-end condominiums.

  • Qualified staff that understands your needs.

  • Unified service with an uncomplicated and safe process from end to end: from the curatorship to the purchase of your property and delivery of the keys.

  • We have in-house professionals and partners for decoration, renovation, and construction. 

A Miira encontra a casa certa para você, em condomínios de alto padrão no interior e litoral de São Paulo. E você só fala com a gente!

We find the right house for you, in high standard condominiums at the countryside and coast of São Paulo. Just talk to us!


The experience of buying a property with MIIRA, by our customers

Isabella Faggion and Gustavo Rossi

“We live in São Paulo and hired MIIRA consultancy after months of searching for a condominium in the interior that would provide us with everything we were looking for and within our budget.

It was important for us to be close to cities like Campinas and São Paulo, but in a place that allowed us a better quality of life, full of greenery, with wide streets and tranquility.

We had already contacted many brokers and visited many condominiums.

MIIRA helped us with its knowledge of the market and presented us with options that, until then, we were unaware of.

They helped us evaluate financial and legal issues, in negotiating with sellers and we were finally able to make our decision.

We chose to purchase land in one of the condominiums recommended by Flávia and Mariana with great security and we are excited to start this new journey in our lives!”

Sylvia Florian and Flávio Hirata

“When we decided to change our life, we actually weren't clear on what we would like to do, luckily we found the support we needed in Flávia and Mariana.

Through personalized and attentive service, they helped us, first, to clearly identify what we wanted and then to find the ideal place.

Now, after 2 years, our little corner is getting ready: it has our vibe and everything we want!!

We thank MIIRA immensely!!!"

Some of our customers

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